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The Chameleon Impact

We are a Limassol based Boutique Marketing Agency


Chameleon Creative Studio consists of experienced Marketing and Creative Design professionals.

We are a marketing company in Cyprus providing digital and social media strategy to increase sales and brand loyalty.

Our principle is “going beyond the ordinary” to deliver results for our clientele, make them stand out, and leave their mark in their field of work.

Our Mission

To become your Brand’s most loyal Advocate!

Our Way

Work. Play. Impress. Repeat!

Our People

Talented squad of hard workers & creative thinkers!


Your Brand … Above and Beyond

Chamelifying Philosophy



Chameleons’ fascinating observation skills, their ability to change and adapt to their environment and current state, as well as their quest for domination over their rivals, are the elements of inspiration that matched our philosophy as a Creative Marketing Studio.

Our vision is harmoniously aligned with our philosophy: Perfection for every member of our Chameleon Family with strong Brand representation!

Being a Chamellioner is all about diversity: creative ideas, unique mindsets, strategic thinking and outstanding results! We let our creative flair guide us throughout the process of making a difference in every aspect of our work and bring our expertise to life with our diversified backgrounds. With our knowledge and expertise, we can create the best digital marketing and video promotional campaigns for productive business results.

We are the most loyal Brand Advocate for every member of our Chamellioners’ Family!