User Interface (UI) Design Trends 2022

2021 was the year of preservation and maintenance in almost every part of design, development, and functionality. Some aspects such as dark mode, storytelling, illustrations, and bold typography were not “trends” anymore, but rather, a standard.

This is the main reason why the importance of UI design trends 2022 should not be overlooked. Competent work with the visual picture of the user interface (UI) will enable you to bypass competitors and surge above them practically immediately. You can design the proper approach and establish the effective behavior of visual elements that will produce the intended outcome in practice if you know UI trends 2022.

Design 2022 should embody and encompass all of the organization’s operations, not only the task of selling a product, by communicating the organization’s values, beliefs, and motivations to any third party, whether is a client, a partner, or a visitor.

3D in the user interface

This trend opens the TOP for a reason. It can safely be called the main trend in 2022 in the UI experience even though it can already be found in all areas of web design.

3D will replace all interfaces, even those that were previously made using flat structures.

Color Harmony

Color is one of the most pivotal aspects of any design. Currently, there is a tendency for natural and light colors where the color part can be used to highlight content, reinforce the company’s style, and draw attention to key features. The circuit should be built in such a way that everything blends together. The UI elements and the product surface should be unique from one another while yet being perfectly aligned.

Cards, components, tiles, and canvases should all be considered surfaces in this situation. As a result, each element is intended to be superimposed on top of the main background. A soft shadow can be cast on a surface, creating a floating illusion. Light gray or white might be used as the background.


Without animation, a design appears unfinished, static, and less interesting. It can be made in a variety of ways, while it is not required that they include full transparency and form a background.

There are numerous advantages to animation. To begin with, don’t dismiss it as merely moving parts. It is the design element that attracts product visitors’ attention as every moving object has a gamification component. It is now a very popular factor among the general public. There’s one more thing: you can achieve your company goals with very little work.

The use of complex animation elements is currently popular. However, a site designer must keep in mind that it is quite simple to conceal an information message behind the movement of objects. It is preferable to employ animation for the benefit of your company than to miss out on the opportunity to make the most of it.

You may develop a successful modern logo with the help of animation that will send information to the user from the first seconds of his stay on the web. The “revitalization” trend is prevalent, and webmasters should pay attention to texture, light, color, and element order when adopting it. By making a logo an organic component of a design image, the animation may tell a story.


A simple design solution for displaying a unified image of the web interface while avoiding the standard solutions and disarray. A site designer can use asymmetry to experiment with geometric shapes, diverse elements, and 3D rendering, resulting in a unique and memorable optical outcome.

At the same time, it’s critical not to lose your edge and to remember that consumers notice eye-catching things first, and then other information.

Augmented and virtual reality

Virtual and augmented reality are not only UI trends but also a big category with its own set of fashion trends. The Covid epidemic, which compelled app developers to adopt augmented reality to get the most out of it, had a big influence on their growing popularity. During solitude, for example, tourists may walk around the world’s museums, seeing world-famous exhibitions without having to change out of their favorite jammies.

The usage of augmented reality in conjunction with artificial intelligence will be in high demand this year and next year in a variety of disciplines, including commerce, navigation, and other areas.

Taking everything into consideration, website designs will be vivid and elegant in 2022. Interactive features and 3D shapes will prevail while individuality in style will be greatly valued, and you can expect experimentations with fonts and visuals which will create something truly distinctive.

Another key point is to gamble on the proper material to fill your resource. It’s critical to be able to pinpoint the heart of a customer’s basic wants and build the site’s UX / UI content structure around it. For these goals, the work of a copywriter, designer, and marketer must be well-coordinated.

The creation of mobile versions of portals and applications is also among the top goals. The problem is that currently, more than half of all consumers access the internet via mobile devices. It’s critical to appropriately equip this type of resource so that the visitor feels at ease with the compressed format.